School Districts do not have to teach Comprehensive Sex Education- that is a "Local Decision".

The California Department of Education does not require school districts to teach Health as a stand alone class required to graduate. 

There is NO HEALTH CLASS LISTED in California's minimum course requirements.

Districts are only required to teach the components of the California Healthy Youth Act once in middle school and once in High School. (One Day in High School and One Day in Middle School) That is very different than choosing to make Health a full semester class and devote so much instructional time to the Teen Talk Curriculum. 

Under "Local Control" CUSD can decide whether or not to make Health a stand alone class or simply embed the minimum Health Requirements into another class such as PE- Tutorial - Social Studies -Science.

If CUSD makes the decision to make Health a semester class, Parents have the right to OPT OUT of everything except the minimum required instruction which means Parents will be able to OPT OUT of almost the entire Teen Talk Curriculum. 

If large numbers of parents OPT OUT- how is CUSD going to grade these students?

How is CUSD going to supervise large numbers of students who OPT OUT? Where do they go, and what do they do during this class?

California Department of Education: State Minimum Course Requirements 

The State does require school districts to teach certain health topics which can be embedded into another class such as PE- Tutorial- Social Studies - Science.

California Department of Education: Health Content Standards

This curriculum is very troubling - It was authored by Assemblymember Shirley Weber and was sponsored by the ACLU of California, California Latinas for Reproductive Justice, Equality California, Forward Together and Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California.

Why are political activists writing curriculum for California Public Schools?

Why is the law written to ALLOW Districts to choose to teach this in kindergarten and elementary school?

INDOCTRINATION is the only answer. 


The other troubling issue is that CUSD is using the stand alone health class to collect social, emotional, sexual, and health data on all students who participate. The decision to make this class a graduation requirement was made to force larger numbers of students to submit to data mining.

CUSD created its own dashboard and is selling student data-


The Capistrano Unified School District in Orange County California is doing this. In addition to California's State Dashboard, CUSD has developed its own "local Dashboard" specifically designed to capture social and emotional data on every student in the District, because it does not allow students to "Opt Out".

The work they are doing is getting so close to HIPPA Violations it is scary.

I believe this was all initiated by an ex-Trustee Lynn Hatton-Hodson who owns a company called InnovateEd that was partners in Systems Leadership Collaborative and LCAPca. She resigned under Conflict of Interest Allegations.

But- CUSD is marching forward with the data collection that has been put in place. I have have stood before that board many time and expressed my concern about the Collection of personally identifiable information on EVERY student with no ability to OPT OUT

See: See May 17, 2017 Board Workshop (which they do not record) Agenda Item #1 District Dashboard

Yellow: Social Emotional Indicators

Blue: Academic Indicators

See also CUSD's "Application to Conduct Research" where they sell that data to any interested party.

Here is one example- 



Low-income Families at the following Schools:

Viejo ES

Las Palmas ES

San Juan ES

Kinoshita ES

Marblehead ES

Del Obispo ES


This Item was passed on the Consent Calendar without Discussion

This should not be done as a "modification" to an existing MOU. This should be a NEW Agreement.


On September 1, 2013 CUSD and Mission Hospital entered into an MOU to "improve the quality of life for faculty, staff, students and student families through education and referrals in the areas of childhood obesity and asthma." 


The Original MOU

Name: Mission Hospital's Health Promotion Services - Asthma and Obesity program.

Term: 5 year contract September 1, 2013 to September 1, 2018.

Under the original MOU Mission Hospital was to share personally identifiable health data to CUSD that is suppose to be protected by HIPPA.


Agenda Item #11 makes the following changes to the original MOU

1) The name "Health Promotion Services" is being changed to "Community Benefit"

2) The services are being changed. Mission Hospital will no longer address the areas of childhood obesity and asthma the services will focus on substance abuse prevention and mental awareness.

3) Outside Consultants may conduct student and/or Parent Surveys with CUSD's permission.

Note: Due to a loop hole in the FERPA (Privacy Laws) done by Executive Order Under the Obama Administration- School Districts may collect personally Identifiable information on students and share that information with Private For-Profit Companies engaged in educational studies.

For Information on FERPA loophole see:

4) The agreement is being modified to ensure that all survey data collected either hard copy or electronically will be gathered and stored anonymously. 

Note: This indicates that the personally identifiable information collected during the study of Asthma and obesity were not stored anonymously.

5) The Term of the Agreement is extended to June 30, 2020.

Note: That is because they want to collect 3 years of data on substance abuse prevention and mental awareness.

From a 2013 OC Register Article the following schools participated in the program: 

"In the eight schools with which the hospital is working, the number of students eligible for free meals ranged from 37 percent to 94 percent in 2012. To qualify, families of four had to earn $29,064 or less before taxes."

Did these families "OPT IN" to these studies?

Viejo Elementary School

Las Palmas Elementary School

San Juan Elementary School

Kinoshita Elementary School

Marblehead Elementary School

Del Obispo Elementary School

Concordia Elementary School declined to participate due to "some barriers."