OCDE Legal Memo- Parents Cannot Opt Children Out of Controversial Sex Education Curriculum

Absolutely fascinating. 

Under "Local Control", instruction in core educational subjects (math, english, science, art, music and PE) that align with State Content Standards and Curriculum Frameworks are no longer a "requirement", they are now a "recommendation" according to the CDE. In CUSD we actually have students who do not receive instruction in art or music because their parents cannot afford to fundraise for it. But the State is now telling parents that the ONLY subject that all PUBLIC SCHOOL (not PRIVATE SCHOOL) students are to receive; is the study of gender, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation as long as it does not actually discuss how these genders perform sex acts?

This is the first time that "curriculum" was written by activists organizations promoting a political agenda, and mandated through State law rather than created through the California Department of Education. 

Use of the public education system to promote political agendas is offensive. This should be challenged as a violation of civil liberties. If the State's number one educational priority is gender studies it is time for the Public to dismantle the California public education system which has gone from number one in the world to almost last.

What has gone so wrong with the California Legislature?

This law promotes teaching this curriculum in every grade K-12.