AGENDA ITEM #15 Revision to Board Policy 0420.4 Charter School Authorizations. page 248
Trustee Jones Pulled this Item from the Consent Calendar
Trustee Jones asked for Legal Clarification on the following Charter School Issues:
at 2:08:50 CUSD web site has Charter Submission Process and then we have Board Policy regarding Charter school submissions - make sure interested parties read both.
at 209:26 CUSD needs to require a teleconferencing location within the District. (see page 11 4a)
at 214:04 Legislation was proposed and passed that was going to require Charter Schools to comply with the Brown Act and Public Records Act. Governor did not sign that stating that under Local Control Districts could require compliance at the Local Level. Can CUSD legally do that?
at 216:15 Clarify What records in a Charter School are Public Records.
at 217:15 Must Charter Schools comply with Conflict of Interest laws
at 218:20 Staff is to meet with legal council and clarify these issues and come back to the Board
There was no vote on this item
NOTE: CUSD is re-writing all Board Policies related to Charter Schools.
There is no one attending meetings that is speaking on behalf of Charter Schools regarding these policies. 
At the October 12, 2016 BOT Meeting Trustee McNicholas asked who CCEE was because under the new policy CCEE was given the right to revoke Charters without a right to appeal the revocation- a power the CCEE was never granted by the Legislature. For greater detail see:
See: Capistrano Unified School District October 12, 2016 BOT meeting Agenda Item #14