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I wish CUSD would have put this much time and effort into their LCAP which is suppose to be the Public's accountability tool, and should be the platform to highlight Student and Organizational Accomplishments. This is a just a marketing piece which does nothing to present actual performance data.

See the actual Data from 2016-17 

LCAP Timeline:

April 25, 2018 CUSD BOT Meeting (Information Only)

Agenda Item #35 Local Control Accountability Plan Up-date page 1,358

Board Audio at 3:18:16 

Staff shared an update that includes a brief history and overview of the LCAP and continuous improvement process, outcome data, template changes, state accountability updates and a timeline for the development and approval of the 2018-2019 LCAP and Annual Update.

See Data: CUSDWatch: Local Control Accountability Plan Up-date. 

May 23, 2018 CUSD BOT Meeting (PUBLIC HEARING)

Agenda Item #1 PUBLIC HEARING: 2018-19 Local Control Accountability Plan Up-date

Board Audio at 1:22:08

Each district is required to hold one public hearing to solicit the recommendations and comments of the members of the public regarding the specific actions and expenditures proposed

There were no public comments. 

May 23, 2018 CUSD BOT Meeting (Information Only)

Agenda Item #40 2018-19 Local Control Accountability Plan Up-date page 997 

Board Audio at 2:52:24

Staff presented the FINAL 2018-2019 LCAP that will be presented for approval at the June 20, 2018 Board meeting. 

June 20, 2018 CUSD BOT Meeting (CONSENT CALENDAR) 

Agenda Item #30 page 585


Board Audio: 4:37:18


Numbering is wrong page 9 #5 #6 #5 ?

Parents are asking questions about what CUSD is doing to really support the goals - lots of staff being added - but no reason how that helps meet educational goals.

Instead of referencing WIGS - we need to reference LCAP.

-0- dollars for bullying - yet this was a CUSD Goal? Hard to explain to the Public.

Other Districts are putting their fundraising dollars in their LCAP

Board Audio: 4:43:53

Motion to Adopt the 2018-19 LCAP Trustee Reardon

Second by Trustee Amy Hanacek

The Board voted to approve the LCAP 4-0-3 (Trustee Pritchard, Jones and Holloway were absent)

Board Audio: 4:44:00 Superintendent Vital discusses lack of funding means money that should be spent to implement LCAP goals is spent on just keeping the doos open.


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Since the State implemented "Local Control" the District should be broken up into smaller Districts that can actually be managed at the local level. This would insure adequately funded schools and greater public input.



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How can CUSD accomplish a true STEM education without having a rigorous Math curriculum?

  Exceeded Met Nearly Met Not Met
2017 Data   33.44% 26.08%  22.24%  18.24%
2016 Data 32% 27% 23% 18%
2015 Data 28% 28% 25% 19% 

CUSD is the only District in Orange County that does not have a Geometry Honors class.

In 2013 the State of California implemented the Local Control Funding Formula Law. Under "Local Control" the California Department of Education eliminated most categorical programs, and allowed individual school districts to decide how to spend their education dollars. see: CDE

CUSD Staff; WITHOUT BOARD APPROVAL, made the unilateral decision to eliminate funding for GATE and accelerated programming for CUSD's high achieving students. Staff has effectively been flattening CUSD curriculum since 2012-13.  There is currently little opportunity for high achieving students to receive accelerated curriculum within CUSD.

For background: 

CUSDWatch Article: November 16, 2016 CUSD BOT Meeting Agenda Item #31 GATE Program

November 16, 2016 CUSD BOT Meeting Agenda Item #31 page 463

Board Audio at 169:13 (2 hours 49 minutes 13 seconds)

Trustee Readon's Statement Board Audio at 185:30 

Trustee Hatton-Hodson's Statement Board Audio at 186:55 

Superintendent Vital's Statement re: Funding for GATE Board Audio at 190:24 

Concerned Parents have been working with CUSD to bring back GATE and other accelerated programs to provide greater opportunities for all high achieving students. 

To achieve this Goal, CUSD hired Hannover Research to study CUSD's GATE program.

This Agenda item is a presentation of that research. 

The research showed that more students (not just GATE identified) should be provided with access to accelerated programs in lower grades. Performance in high school level accelerated courses shows that there are far more students within CUSD; who, if given an opportunity do well in accelerated course work. 

Differentiated learning does matter. High achieving students (GATE identified and Non- Gate identified) should be provided with access to accelerated course work in elementary and middle- school.

Staff's unilateral decision to flatten the curriculum was a failed experiment that denied educational opportunity to many CUSD students. Now the District is being forced by parents to correct this error, and start the process of restoring the GATE program and opening up accelerated programing to more students at the elementary and middle school level.

NOTE: California; with very little public in-put, made the unilateral decision to follow the Canadian Model of Education lead by Michael Fullan. see: EdSource: California looks to Ontario schools for Guidance 

Michael Fullan's work is based on the belief that Professional Development is the number one priority for an educational institution. Class size and differentiated learning have no effect on student outcome. Parents of CUSD should be aware that now resigned Trustee Hatton-Hodson/InnovateEd is business partners with Michael Fullan in Systems Leadership Collaborative. Trustee Hatton-Hodson had great influence on curriculum decisions made by Staff during her tenure at CUSD. What the Hannover Research shows is that MICHAEL FULLAN is wrong - differentiated learning matters. The unilateral actions taken by staff resulted in many CUSD students being denied educational opportunity to reach their full academic potential by denying non GATE identified students access to accelerated programs in elementary and middle school. 

​Things that should be part of a discussion regarding accelerated programming for high achieving students in Math:

​1) Math track starts with 6th grade math placement- it is very hard for students who are not placed into accelerated math in the 6th grade to get back on an accelerated track.  Resource: Math Placement Chart

2) CUSD does not offer a Geometry Honors class. 

3) CUSD does not offer a Trig component to its Algebra II class which is needed to do well on SAT/ACT exams

4) Under "Local Control" State Content Standards and Curriculum Frameworks are a "RECOMMENDATION" not a "REQUIREMENT" - because class sizes are so large and all levels of students are placed into a non-accelerated class, the result is that many classes are no longer able to make it through the entire curriculum. Parents and students do not know until they take their college boards and find out they have not seen some of the material. 

The Failed Experiment of Systems Leadership Collaborative aka InnovateEd; lead by Trustee Hatton -Hodson and her partner Michael Fullan, denied CUSD's high achieving non-GATE Identified students access to accelerated programing and denied them the opportunity to reach their full academic potential. 

CUSD must reverse the mistakes of the past in order to serve the District's high achieving students.



CUSDWatch Comment 

Pilot Learning Academies aka CAPO Forward "Re-imagining" Plan 

On April 27, 2016 Principals from seven CUSD elementary schools made a presentation to the Board for a three year blue print to "re-image" their schools. As part of "Moving Capo Forward", these schools are going through an educational makeover designed to attract students to schools with declining enrollment and prevent the District from having to close schools by providing each school with a new educational focus.

  • Del Obispo - College and Career Readiness/AVID 
  • Hidden Hills - Technology
  • Kinoshita - College and Career Readiness/AVID
  • Lobo Elementary - STEAM
  • Marblehead - Environmental Studies
  • R.H. Dana - Science and Technology
  • Wood Canyon - Arts and Media

In September 2016 Trustees approved a contract with Album Agency dba Album Creative Studios to "Provide various communications and marketing services, including Re-Imagined Schools, strategic sessions on campus, reviewing existing profiles, designing a bi-fold brochure improving existing School Loop websites and optional ongoing design for promotional materials".

The presentation is Exhibit 19 on page 323
Board Audio at 1:14:19 

at 1:09:54 Trustee John Alpay makes the comment that this is just a "Marketing Gimic" -  changing names to "Academy" without changing anything - just a con job. Money can be better spent elsewhere.

See: CUSDWatch: December 14, 2016 CUSD BOT Meeting Agenda Item #30


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An A-G Completion rate of 53.7% means 53.7% of students have completed the course work necessary to get into a 4- year selective college or university including (UC or CSU). This means that almost half of the students graduating from CUSD are not qualified to enter a 4- year selective college or university after graduating from high SchoolThey will have no option after high school but to attend Community College to to complete remedial work or to get a job.

CUSDs' 2016-17 A-G Completion Rate is a 53.7%

This is a substantial decline over the past two years:

2014-15 54.4%

2015-16 54.4%

2016-17 53.7%

See: CUSDWatch 2017 LCAP GOAL 1  Annual Measurable Outcome #16 A-G Completion Rate Data