August 22, 2018 CUSD BOT Meeting - ORAL COMMUNICATIONS

Board and Superintendent Comments

Board Audio at 6:59 Superintendent Kristen Vital 

Congratulations to Tim Brooks; new Human Resource Serviced/Employee Engagement/Investigations (long term CUSD employee) "#HugTim"

District Opening -Welcome to 50,000 students

Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting Esencia School

Facilities Bonds

New 2-story classroom building at Tesoro which replaced the aging portables.

Celebrating San Juan Hills and Capo Valley change to solar power.

Trustee Elections

This November, three Trustees seats were up for re-election:

Trustee Martha McNicholas

Trustee Gila Jones

Trustee Judy Bullockus.

The Registrar of voters reported that no candidates stepped forward to run for Trustee in any of these seats; as such, there will be no election for Trustee of CUSD this November. The returning Trustees will be sworn in in December.

CUSDWatch Comment

Three very qualified candidates ran for Trustee in the November 2016 election and lost because the Teachers Union paid $60,000 a seat. I guess no one wants to put the time and energy into an election that is bought and paid for by Public Employee Unions. 

The only Candidate that did not accept Union money was Trustee Jim Reardon.

Board Audio 11:35 Trustee Amy Hanacek

 Welcome to Mona Amirseyedian- the new student advisor. 

Board Audio 12:42 Trustee Martha McNicholas

 Really enjoyed the bus tour to welcome back all the staff and students.

Board Audio 13:06 Trustee Gary Pritchard

Attended Active Shooter Training event and wanted to let everyone know how much praise the Sheriff gave to Mike Beekman, Deputy Superintendent Safety and Student Services CUSD for running a model school safety program. 


Board Audio 14:01 Michelle Plossel Campbell, PTSA Legislative Rep

Please join the PTA and support enrichment above and beyond the core curriculum.

Board Audio 15:49 Jessica Gyer, Support for CA Healthy Youth Act (Sex Ed)

Opposes the use of "sex play" for "intercourse". This is medically inaccurate. Shames students who engage in sex. Re-consider using the Three Rs' curriculum.

Board Audio 18:42 Michelle McNutt, Support for CA Healthy Youth Act (Sex Ed)

Supports CHYA pre-approved curriculum like Teen Talk and 3Rs' Task Force meetings feel like a war on Science. The curriculum that is being written is not medically accurate. This group rejects CHYA and supports SRA groups and viewpoints that are not recognized as medically accurate.