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The Problem is with the OPT OUT related to gender studies.

“Comprehensive sexual health education” means education regarding human development and sexuality, including education on pregnancy, contraception, and sexually transmitted infections (Education Code §

These "subjects" can be opted out of by parents.

However, when you embed sexual instruction into "gender" studies the OPT OUT is not allowed.

In addition to health; sexual instruction under the title of gender studies is being embedded into classes like science and history, making parental control over the discussion of topics that many feel are not medically accurate or age appropriate almost impossible to invoke.

See: CUSDWatch: After 8 Hour Board Meeting OCDE Attorney Confirms that Parents Cannot OPT OUT of Controversial Sex Education Curriculum

See: CUSDWatch: OCDE Legal Memo- Parents Cannot Opt Children Out of Controversial Sex Education Curriculum

Oral Communications from the June 20, 2018 CUSD BOT Meeting

Board Audio at 19:00 Susan McCabe mother of 4 CUSD students. She expressed grave concerns over Teen Talk curriculum. Not medically accurate or age appropriate. Example- teaching that anal sex will reduce STD's. Teaching students about dental dams.

Board Audio at 22:20 Michelle McNutt Nurse and "progressive sex positive parent" who sits on the Sex Education Task Force Team. Advocate for Teen Talk. A handful of Task Force members wanted to rewrite curricula to include abstinence only until hetrosexual marriage lessons. This new curriculum is called SRA "Sexual Risk Avoidance". SRA lessons are illegal in the State of California. Was oppose to Pragger U video called "Gender Identity, Why all the Confusion?" Concerned about the legitimacy of the task force. These members are not here in good faith. Please do not let the personal beliefs of a fear mongering groups derail efforts to implement CHYA (California Healthy Youth Act)

Board Audio at 26:25 Dr Amy Wickstrom Child Therapist and mother of 5 small children. Greatful for the task force. Written two different sex ed curriculum and she has worked in Africa Dominican Republic and Hatti. Research supports that abstinence is the a good choice for adolescents. She is a Christian and supports Christian values.

Board Audio at 28:06 (Name not audible) Children's brains are not fully developed until age 25. She does not feel children in public school should not be exposed to what is essentially soft porn in the classroom at such early ages. Parents must be empowered to protect their children and make the decision as to what is age appropriate content.